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Your Cocktail Just Woke Up

Welcome to the
Cocktail Egg

What is the Cocktail Egg? It's a delicious hard-cooked quail egg pickled in a tangy brine of vinegar and spices. From the creaminess of the yolk to the sweet-sour bite of the white, the Cocktail Egg is a perfectly textured garnish for a classic evening cocktail or savory Bloody Mary. 

Try ordering one at a bar and watch for curious glances from those around you. As you enjoy your drink you'll have one problem to wrestle with: Will you eat the egg right away or save it until the end? Our favorite is somewhere in the last third of the drink, when the egg has absorbed the flavor of the cocktail.


How Can I Get Some?

Ray's Cocktail Eggs are available for purchase at
SLAKE and Noe Valley Wine & Spirits
in San Francisco,
Bespoke Bar LA in Los Angeles


contact us below for home delivery in SF.

If you can't make it to SF or LA, please join our mailing list to find out when Ray's Cocktail Eggs will be available in your area.

We promise never to share our list with anyone, and we will never spam you.

Our Story

How the idea was hatched

After co-owning a bar for 20 years, Scott Kravitz knew the cocktail world pretty well. But with a new child on the way, he was spending less time going out. That's when he started making pickled eggs at home - a treat he had only seen in old movies. It was his friend Dmitry who said, "Have you tried this with quail eggs?"

Scott suddenly imagined an egg inside a drink, instead of beside the drink.

He worked on the recipe for over a year, struggling to create an egg that tasted great on its own, but didn't clash with the gin in a martini. It had to be subtle, but delicious.

He succeeded.

Meet The Team


Dmitry Portnoy


Dmitry is a brilliant writer and bon vivant who's scope of knowledge and insight is vast. We ignore his counsel at our peril.


Scott Kravitz


Scott didn't leave a high paying corporate job to start Ray's Pickled Eggs. He didn't have one to begin with. What he did have was passion and enough inexperience to think that starting a food business would be relatively straightforward.



Product Tester

I am a dinosaur.

A really big dinosaur.

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